How Quiz Bundles Will Enhance Your College Basketball Campaign

by Liz Huff Second Street

While you’re planning your 3-in-1 bracket for the basketball frenzy this March, don’t forget about quizzes. They are another excellent opportunity to capitalize on the excitement around the college basketball tournament.

Running a basketball quiz bundle (a set of 3-5 themed quizzes) is an ideal way to drive engagement throughout the entire tournament – run each quiz for about a week, one right after the other.

Your basketball bundle could include quizzes like:
What Kind of College Hoops Fan Are You? (turnkey)
How Well do You Know the (Local Team Name)?
Test Your College Hoops Tournament Knowledge (turnkey)
Which College Hoops Coach Are You? (turnkey)
Test Your Basketball Movie Trivia (turnkey)
Which (Local Team) Player Are You Most Like?

Since quiz bundles can run for several weeks, they are perfect promotions to leverage with advertisers who want get their branding in front of the college basketball audience. And, this audience is huge – 11.3 million people watched the 2015 tournament and nearly 40 million fill out brackets each year.

Plus, basketball quizzes work for a variety of advertisers. Sports bars and restaurants may be at the top of your list, but don’t limit yourself. Mens’ healthcare centers, sporting good stores, and even tax preparers all make great sponsors.

Offering a prize to all quiz takers is another way to provide even more value to your audience and your advertiser. When there’s a good prize up for grabs, users are more willing to participate and provide information.

Add on a few carefully crafted survey questions to deliver qualified leads for your advertiser. Take a look at these survey questions that were included on a football trivia quiz. These questions will give the advertiser – a physical therapy clinic – marketable leads to follow up with.

You can take the turnkey (pre-made, ready-to-run) basketball quizzes below – have fun!

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