The Signal Increased Ballot Revenue by 15% with Annual “Best Of”

by Alesia Humphries The Signal

Case Study Highlights

  • $11,000 revenue increase from the year before
  • 65% increase in registered users
  • 56% increase in votes

The Idea

The Signal, a part of Morris Multimedia, is a 8,500 circulation newspaper in Santa Clarita, California.

We have been running an annual Best of Santa Clarita Valley ballot for the past 13 years, and in 2013 we moved the ballot online to increase their revenue and participation. The promotion was incredibly successful, bringing in $75,000 in revenue, but our goal is always to outdo the previous year’s results.

While the categories remain the same, the winners can change year to year, so we wanted to amp up the relevance of the already coveted award and generate even more revenue and excitement in 2014.

The Execution

We promoted the 2014 Best of Santa Clarita Valley ballot with all of the promotional assets available to us – newspaper ads, online ads, social media posts, video, and email messages.

We even changed our Facebook cover photo to promote the ballot:


The 2014 Best of Santa Clarita Valley also generated a lot of buzz on Twitter, as the merchants listed on the ballot were excited to share and ask for votes:


Our advertisers are always anxious to find out if they won, since we provide a plaque and a ribbon for them to place in their door or window. These ribbons are visible all over town, and many businesses feel that their value can be judged by how many ribbons they have.

The Results

By all measures, the 2014 Best of Santa Clarita Valley ballot was a huge success.

We generated $86,000 in revenue ($11,000 more than we did the year before), plus saw a 65% increase in registered users and a 56% increase in votes over the year before. Here’s a look at the numbers:

  • 2013 registered users: 10K
  • 2014 registered users: 17K
  • 2013 votes: 115K
  • 2014 votes: 179K

Overall, 16,547 users cast 178,965 votes. Plus, an additional 500 votes were handwritten and delivered to our door!

While we are incredibly pleased with the success of this year’s Best of Santa Clarita Valley ballot, we’re looking forward to doing even better next year.

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