WISE & WPTA-TV Drive $112K+ with Golf Card

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street


WISE-TV, a part of Granite Broadcasting, is a 109 DMA television station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and WPTA is its sister station. The station has been running a deals program since 2011, but the Golf Tour promotion was their first foray into cards. Given their success, however, this card will be the first of many.

The Idea

WISE & WPTA decided to run a golf card after seeing another station in their group succeed with a similar card promotion.

The Execution

The team at the station sold their Golf Tour Card to 10 area courses and offered it as a $75 for $230 card that could be redeemed for one 18-hole round of golf at each of the courses. They launched the card in December and left it up on their site until all 1,000 cards sold out in January.

Since the card was being sold at a more than 50% discount and the majority of the courses involved were upscale locations, some customers even called in to make sure the promotion was real – they thought it sounded too good to be true!

The courses were also incredibly pleased with the terms of the promotion as well, since cart fees were not included in the list price. This meant that they would not only see an increase in traffic as a result of the card, but also have the opportunity to upsell everyone who came to redeem it.

In exchange for their place on the card, each course received the following promotion:

  • 40 spots per month across WISE’s NBC & MyTV channels and sister station WPTA’s ABC & CW channels (10 per course per channel) between November and February
  • Online brochure page on INCnow.tv, including photos, description, map, contact information, and links to the course’s website
  • Special promo ads on the INCnow.tv homepage
  • Inclusion on the Northern Indiana Golf page on INCnow.tv


WISE & WPTA also promoted the card with the following:

  • 400 promo spots, like the one shown below.


  • 6 dedicated emails
  • Weekly Facebook posts
  • Side rail linking to card from their homepage


To raise even more awareness and generate excitement around the card, the station gave away 10 cards in a Facebook sweepstakes promoted by their weatherman, who is an avid golfer and very popular with the station’s audience.

The Results

The original 1,000 WISE/WPTA Golf Tour Cards brought in $75,000 in gross revenue for the station, which is the most revenue from a single ecommerce promotion that the station has ever seen! All 1,000 cards sold out within a month of the promotion’s launch, and the station received a huge volume of calls from customers who still wanted one. Furthermore, the Golf Tour Card’s placement on the station’s regular deals site helped raise their traditional deals sales as well, since new customers who purchased the card also saw the regular deals on the site and purchased those as well.

All of the courses involved in the promotion were delighted with the results, and more than half agreed participate in a re-issue of the Golf Tour Card that launched in March, making another 500 cards available. For this promotion, WISE & WPTA aligned their card with a pro golf contest and promoted the two together.

Overall, the 2014 WISE/WPTA Golf Tour Card has brought in more than $112,000 in revenue, including both the original 1,000 cards and the additional 500 cards released in March. Since there’s no revenue split with the courses, all of that money stays with the TV station!

Why It Worked

  • The card was discounted more than 50%, making it highly attractive to the station’s customers.
  • Cart fees were not included in the card, which gave the courses an automatic upsell opportunity. Other upsell opportunities included concessions, pro shop purchases, lesson, and club memberships.
  • The station promoted the card heavily on air and online – including a supplemental promotion to generate even more excitement. The station promoted the card using all of their unique resources, both on air and online, including special banners on their homepage and a dedicated landing page. The golf card was truly an event for both WISE/WPTA and their viewers!

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