Your Quick Guide to Citywide Ballots

by Julie Foley Second Street

2017 Vote 4 the Best | WDIV-TV, Detroit, MI

WDIV-TV’s citywide ballot featured 15 different categories and hundreds of participating businesses. Having such a large scale ballot draws in thousands of registered voters and is a huge boost to your email database. This year’s Vote 4 The Best ballot has 350K votes and counting.

WDIV Citywide Ballot

2017 Reader’s Choice | The Quad City Times, Davenport, IA

This is one example of how the excitement around ballots can live beyond just the voting phase. Citywide ballots often feature winners pages to showcase entrants who won in their respective categories. This way, your audience can reference these pages long after the end of your ballot to learn about the best of the best in your area.

Quad City Times Citywide Ballot

Best Northwest Escapes | KING-TV, Seattle, WA

In addition to a unique ballot theme, KING-TV leveraged enhanced listings to ensure the best user experience possible. With several different categories to choose from, and thought-out descriptions for each ballot entry, this ballot was a resounding success for this Seattle station.

KING Citywide Ballot

Best of Charleston 2017 | Charleston City Paper, Charleston, SC

A citywide ballot is the main event of the year for the Charleston City Paper. Each year, the paper picks a fun and creative theme with specially curated ballot images and promotional materials. This year’s ballot was fairytale themed and generated hundreds of thousands in revenue. They even capped off their ballot campaign with a special ticketed event, pictured above, to celebrate the winners.

Charleston Citywide Ballot

Charleston Citywide Ballot

There are many opportunities to capitalize on citywide ballots in your market. With all of the different possibilities at your disposal, now it’s time to boost revenue and engagement with your own unique take on a citywide ballot.

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