How to Drive BIG Results for Your TV Station with Promotions

by Liz Huff Second Street

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Our Planning Calendar is an interactive workbook designed to help you create a month-by-month promotions plan, so you can reach (and maybe surpass!) your goals. The workbook covers how to track revenue and progress towards annual goals and email database growth.

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Key Takeaways

National Sweepstakes

Second Street is providing six national sweepstakes – FREE – for all of our customers. These campaigns have big prizes, attract a large audience, and are ideal for selling to advertisers looking for a lot of branding, database growth, and lead-gen!

Six National Sweeps in 2021

Recurring Revenue

Now more than ever, it’s important to have consistent income all year long. This is one of the most efficient ways to sell. You sell the campaign one time, and you have checks coming in every month – freeing your sales team up to sell other sponsorships.

Recurring Revenue Quizzes with Hospital

Best Of

A Citywide Ballot (Viewers’ Choice, Best Of) is a perfect opportunity to highlight the businesses and advertisers in your community and keep them top of mind with your viewers. This exposure is something they need even more right now, and they’re eager to participate. These campaigns generate huge revenue and audience engagement for both your newspaper and your advertisers.

Secure Recurring Revenue from Advertisers

Lead-Gen Campaigns

Your advertisers need leads. Creating a campaign optimized to deliver quality leads will establish your credibility with an advertiser. When they’re confident in your abilities, they’ll be eager to continue to work with you on future campaigns.

Lead-gen questions & opt-in deliver results

Station Initiatives

Start by looking at the big initiatives your station already has on your calendar like high school football, Christmas, a local hometown celebration, or even a station-wide goal of list growth. Then, see where you can add in a promotion. Optimize the experience for your sponsors with an email opt-in and lead-generating questions.

Codeword sweeps helps drive viewer tune-in


This is normally the biggest spending season of the year, but the 2020 holiday season looks a bit different. Promotions are a great way to help advertisers retain and grow their business this season. Whether they’re trying to tell people about their new pandemic-friendly services (curbside pickup, online ordering, etc.) or just looking to stay top-of-mind, promotions deliver results.

Advertiser Showcases a perfect fit for holidays


Promotions are great list-builders – whether you have a sponsor or not. Running highly engaging campaigns like voting brackets, ballots, and sweepstakes are perfect for engaging with your listeners and growing your database.

WGN Delivers 1,400 Opt-ins

Editorial & News Content

Whether it’s the 5:00 news or a hit new sitcom, your content is important to your viewers. See how you can incorporate promotions into your current content and use this as an opportunity to drive email opt-ins for your newsletters.

Create Promotions around Content

Newsletter Strategy

You should host a variety of newsletters such as breaking news, daily headlines, weather updates, and personality or talent-driven newsletters. Consider limited-series newsletters for specific events or moments relevant to your audience for a designated length of time.

TV Personality Drives this Recipe Newsletter

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