Sample Survey Questions for 6 Advertiser Categories

by Emily Thousand Second Street



(see a case study for a Chevy dealership)

  • What make and model do you drive?
  • Are you considering a new vehicle purchase?
    • Next month
    • Next 3 months
    • Next 6 months
    • Next year
    • I am not in the market for a new vehicle
  • Would you like to be contacted by ________?



(see a case study for a community bank)

  • Who do you currently bank with?
  • Would you like to be contacted by a bank representative to learn more about our products and services?

Food & Dining


(see a case study from a coffee shop)

  • Have you ever dined here before?
  • Did you know we had ____ item or special?
  • When you want ____ item, what criteria is most important to you?
  • How soon are you planning your next party?

Professional Services


(see a case study for an audiology & hearing center)

  • Do you or someone you love currently use this service?
  • Do you plan on using this service in the next year?

Real Estate

  • Do you rent or own your home?
  • Do you plan to buy or sell in the next year?


  • Have you shopped here before?
  • If no, have you heard of ____ before?

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