6 Ways to Grow Your Parenting Audience

by Liz Huff Second Street

Grab Your Resources

If you want to achieve your goals, it all starts with creating a plan. Our interactive planning calendar is your best tool for getting started with promotions and email. With sections to track revenue and database growth, you’ll be off on the right foot.


Key Takeaways

1. Recurring Revenue
Start by turning your most successful campaigns into year-long initiatives. Locking in a single advertiser for 9-12 months leads to a bigger sponsorship investment and an easier sales process. Check out our complete guide to recurring revenue here for more info!

2. Ballots
Time after time, ballots drive big revenue numbers and grow email databases. And while you’re likely already running a large Family Favorites or Best Of ballot, these are not once-a-year tools. Reinforce your annual revenue and database growth strategies with niche and advertiser ballots to tap into ballot benefits all year long.

3. Lead Generation
It’s hard to grow your revenue if you’re bringing the same ideas back to the same advertisers time after time. Train your team how to create the perfect campaign for every advertiser in your market. When you understand what matters to an advertiser, you can create an impactful campaign to drive measurable results and leads. See how this sweepstakes delivered 30+ new potential clients for a daycare.

4. Holidays
Holidays are a perfect opportunity to tap into the families in your audience. You likely have many initiatives around holidays already on your calendar, but see where you can add more or how you can make an existing campaign more robust.

5. Database Growth
The more people in your owned and operated database will directly attribute to your success as a company. When compared with companies using both widgets and promotions, our data shows promotions drove 87% of the new opt-ins.

6. Email
Once you have people in your audience, creating emails with meaningful, relevant content will have your audience excited to receive your messages and encouraged to forward to others. What unique content do you have to offer your parenting audience that they won’t get from others?

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