Why Local Media Loves Promotions

by Julie Foley Second Street

Promotions deliver measurable results for advertisers.

Karie Thornton, Emerging Media Account Executive at WSPD-TV in Paducah, Kentucky, executes a sophisticated promotions program. Measurable results, such as leads, email database growth, sales, and more, satisfies both media companies and their advertisers – a win for everyone.

What are the takeaways?

  • Online promotions empower you to reach new customers & lead to repeat business.
  • Every promotion varies, depending on your advertiser’s goals. Communication is important – make sure to have a CNA with your advertisers.
  • Ask the right survey questions on promotions. For example, Hear Clearly promotion generated 164 leads for a hearing center using a survey on the entry form.

Promotions are a fantastic way to engage your audience.

Chris Juzwik, Social Media/Contest/Email Marketing Coordinator for Madison.com in Madison, Wisconsin, says promotions are the easiest way to get a smile from visitors on his site. They bring a balance of lighthearted subject matter and fun content.

What are the takeaways?

  • Planning for quizzes is key. Madison.com executes a weekly quiz strategy in order to provide fun content for their audience.
  • The strategy is to not take them too seriously and have fun with them.
  • Quizzes are incredibly social. Encourage your audience to share with their networks in order to reach more people. Madison.com has seen their “What’s the perfect puppy for you?” taken almost 10,000 times.
  • Keep it simple (and local!). Another key to ramping up quiz engagement is to synergize with writers and columnist. Madison.com’s “Which Madison area beer are you” ran alongside a new local beer columnist.

Promotions are the best way to grow your email database.

Kim Reis, Director of Digital Audience Engagement for Entercom Communications & self-proclaimed “Selfie Queen”, loves to run promotions for their markets.

What are the takeaways?

  • Email is valuable. It’s not going away. With social databases, you don’t own your database, but the opposite is true with email – that is YOUR list.
  • Promotions are the best way to grow your email list -check out this case study for proof – Entercom collected 250K email opt-ins with a national contest!
  • Add an opt-in to everything you do – every promotion, every event, any form that your audience is filling out should have an opt-in.
  • Be strategic about the promotions you run. Running a “be the ninth caller to win” contest doesn’t help you grow your list. Online promotions collects data and helps you build a relationship with your audience.

Promotions help media companies drive millions of dollars in revenue.

Beth Mann, President of WKDZ-FM/WHVO-AM in Cadiz, Kentucky, uses them to help her expand business with current advertisers and get new advertisers. Since the 2014 Promotions Summit, the small-town stations have had record revenues. Their current new media plan has a goal of $250K.

What are the takeaways?

  • Create a team around your promotions efforts. Beth created Think Tank Tuesday, a weekly planning session, to focus on their larger contesting strategy.
  • Set your goal high – challenge your team to drive impactful revenue results for your business. As Beth says, “It’s got to be BIG enough to matter!”
  • Planning is so important for your promotions success. Create a plan and stick to that plan.

Promotions are the best source of first-party data.

Julie Foley, Director of Affiliate Success at Second Street, knows that this data helps build consumer profiles, which can be easily monetized. Julie believes that promotions should be the center of your data strategy.

For more, stay tuned for the data keynote from LinkedIn’s Lutz Finger.