5 Tips for Driving Revenue & Engagement with Quizzes

by Liz Huff Second Street


There were many tips and best practices shared during the webinar, including:

Make a Plan

As with any promotion, quizzes are better if you have a plan. Be sure to add quizzes to your promotions calendar – you can run holiday and seasonal quizzes near relevant seasons and holidays, and evergreen quizzes (like What Breed of Puppy Is Perfect for You? anytime)!


Get All Departments Involved

Quizzes are a promotion type that your whole team can rally around. They can generate content for your editorial team, provide a unique solution for your sales team to bring to advertisers, grow your social following for the marketing team, and collect data that will be valuable for everyone at your company.

Use Quizzes to Solve Advertiser Needs

An advertiser quiz is a quiz that is made for an advertiser after a needs analysis conversation to determine their business goals. These can be to educate people about a specific topic, to drive leads, to collect data, or just to highlight an advertiser’s business, products, or services. A perfect example of an advertiser quiz is KTUU’s Captain Cook Trivia quiz, which was created for the Anchorage Museum to promote their Captain Cook exhibition.


Align Quizzes with Other Promotions

You can increase the excitement around a promotion by adding a quiz. For example, you could complement a College Basketball Tournament with a Which College Basketball Player Are You? quiz, like Madison.com did with their “Which Badger Are You?” quiz.


Have Fun!

As Chris from Madison put it, “Quizzes are fun to make and fun to play, and they mix up your content and keep it fresh.”

See the Deck

To learn more about how you can drive revenue and engagement with quizzes, and to see more case studies showcasing past successes, see the webinar deck below.

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