3 Ideas to Increase Your May Revenue

by Liz Huff Second Street

Advertisers to Target for May

If they’re not already on your list, make sure you’re reaching out to home improvement, retail, and real estate advertisers this month.

Home ImprovementRetailReal Estate
Kitchen & Bathroom Retail, Installation, & RepairJewelryReal Estate Agents
Window & Door Installation & RepairClothing StoresReal Estate Companies
Roof Installation & RepairSpas & SalonsCommunities
FlooringIndoor FurnitureMortgage Brokers
Outdoor Furniture

Top Ideas for May

Photo Contests

Whether it’s related to home improvement or Mother’s Day, photo contests are a sure-fire win with your audience this May.

WHAM-TV found huge success for their station and their advertiser with The Great Pave Off photo contest. Sponsored by a local driveway company, the contest identified nearly 70 entrants wanting free estimates and landed the sponsor over $250,000 in business. The station itself generated $5,000 in revenue.

Photo Contest Brings in $250K for Sponsor

The My Mom, My Hero photo contest run by KY-TV was the perfect fit for their sponsor, Bedford Camera & Video. The station promoted the contest on social, online, and in email. They also announced the winner with on-site photos taken at the sponsor’s business. The whole contest lead to $3,500 in revenue.

Photo Contest Generates $3,500 Revenue for Station


When you have a great prize, you can draw in a ton of entries and collect useable data for your advertisers. Work with your advertiser to choose a prize that will attract qualified leads.

The Bathroom Home Improvement Contest sponsored by a local kitchen and bath retailer, offered the prize of a $500 gift certificate to the store. This contest collected over 500 opt-ins for the sponsor and identified hundreds of hot leads for them to contact after the sweepstakes.

Sweeps Collects 500 Opt-ins for Sponsor

WPSD-TV’s Mother’s Day Giveaway offered up the prize of a $500 shopping spree at the sponsor’s business – a fine art gallery and shop. The contest generated $3,500 in revenue for the station and collected over 1,600 opt-ins for the sponsor.

Sweeps Generates $3,500 for Station

Quiz Bundle

Quizzes are an excellent way to engage and educate your audience while providing a unique and custom opportunity for your advertisers.

The Omaha World-Herald partnered with a local real estate agency on their quiz “Are You a Master Mover? Make Your Move Kid-Friendly.” The quiz was a perfect way for the advertiser to educate their target audience. Plus, they incorporated a link to the advertiser’s page in the results.

Quiz Generates Leads for Advertiser

This “What’s Your Home Decor Personality?” quiz was created for a local furniture retailer. The quiz incorporated the company’s products into the questions and outcomes. The quiz added more than 1,300 email addresses to the sponsor’s database.

Quiz Generates Leads for Advertiser

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