Marketing Your Promotions & Interactive Content

by Liz Huff Second Street

Marketing on Core Media

Alyx knew they could really step up their game when it came to the new edition of their sweepstakes. First, Alyx helped develop a 6-step marketing plan leveraging core media:

  1. They had their on-air talent announce the daily keywords. They also clearly provided the website to go to enter the contest.

  2. Fifteen second ads were also run during their programming.

  3. WHAM-TV also create radio spot ads like the one below. These followed the same script as the tv spot ads, but were customized to better fit a radio style.
  4. They placed print and online ads for the contest with the local penny saver.
  5. And, one of my favorite parts: They did a live reveal of the winner (how fun!) The WHAM-TV talent loved getting to talk about this on-air.

  6. They also did a thank-you video prominently featuring the advertiser, the winner, and advertising their next upcoming contest with the auto dealer.

Marketing on Digital Assets

In addition to their core media, WHAM-TV leveraged their digital assets to drive more awareness. This included:

  • ROS banner ads
  • Video pre-roll ad before web videos
  • Interactive video ads
  • Sliding billboard ad
  • Pencil pushdown ad
  • Static 300×100 ad

Marketing on Social Media

Social media also played a strong role. They were sure to tag the advertiser in their Twitter Posts and include a direct link of where to enter the contest.


To maximize their Facebook Posts, they asked their audience a question. This is a great way to help drive engagement with your postings.


Marketing on Email

But their strongest marketing results came from email. And this would not have been as successful had WHAM-TV decided to prioritize growing their email database.

Previously they had not been including email opt-ins for the station, but they started including one on every promotion they ran. This way, when they started the new sweepstakes, they were already sending to a much bigger list.

WHAM-TV sent out an announcement email on the day the contest started. They even included the first codeword to make sure it was easy for people to get involved and start entering.


Additionally, they sent out a thank-you email to all participants. This included details on how to find a bonus codeword and how to watch for the winners. Plus, they also included a call-to-action directing users back to the advertiser’s page.


All of their hard work paid off and was noticed almost immediately. Receiving a total of 2,147 entries, this second contest had a 74% increase in users.


Within the first few hours of the contest, it was clear their results were quickly going to surpass that of the previous contest. During the first week, they received more votes than the entire first contest combined.


Alyx and WHAM-TV were blown away by the results of their sweepstakes and are already preparing for their next installment. While they did an outstanding job, they’re hoping to outdo themselves again with the next one. And they know that prioritizing the best marketing tactics are the way to get them there.