8 March Bracket Ideas That Have Nothing to Do With Basketball

by Liz Huff Second Street

Pets and Animals

There are tons of opportunities for brackets focused on pets, especially as the weather is getting warmer. Give your audience the chance to vote for their favorite local dog parks, pet specialty stores, Instagram-famous pets, or even breeds. These brackets are also perfect for pet businesses to advertise to this targeted group.

the bark bracket mockup

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are always a great choice for a bracket theme – you can focus on topics like cultural or regional food favorites, favorites of a certain cuisine, or best local restaurants or bars. For March there are tons of opportunities such as Best Local Irish Pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, favorite pies for Pie Day, or even a bracket focused on healthy foods, as March is nutrition month.

Battle of the Burgers Bracket

Outdoor Activities

With spring weather comes outdoor activities! Brackets are a fun way to allow your audience to share their favorite garden flowers, lawn equipment, or hiking spots. Plus think about all that outdoor gear – jogging stroller showdown, bbq grills, recipes and more.

Ultimate backpacking destinations bracket challenge mockup


Brackets centered around music, movies, TV, video games and books are great for engaging a large group of people because everyone has their favorites! Run a bracket for something fun like best 80s sitcom moments, spring-time movies, best selling novels, or favorite celebrity mom. Brackets are also great for highlighting local businesses and advertisers, like movie theaters, local entertainers, or any family-oriented businesses.

Beach movie battle bracket


Spring is usually when most folks are planning or going on vacations. Capitalize on this with a travel bracket featuring road trip snacks or spring break destinations. You can even get specific with a bracket for travel essentials, favorite spring fashions, or staycation fun.

Spring Break Destinations Bracket

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to events in history and modern society. This is a great time to run a bracket featuring favorite books by a female author, local business women, ultimate first ladies, celebrity moms, activists, etc.

Local interests

If you’re a local or regional company, try a bracket to showcase the exciting things in your area. This could be focused on where to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, best places for a spring picnic, or crowning the best local neighborhood.

Bracket Mockup of Clash of the Neighborhoods

Miscellaneous Fun

Sometimes you just want a fun promotion to engage your audience! One option is to utilize the quirky holidays that occur almost every day of the month. You can also try something fun like a most-used emoji bracket, a favorite cartoon character, or a candy showdown!

This March, use fun brackets to generate maximum engagement and revenue! For more great ideas to include in your promotions calendar this spring, check out our Revenue Guide to Spring Promotions.

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