38 Ideas for March Holidays

by Liz Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in March

Nutrition Month

Calories Quiz

Daily Holidays in March

March 2

Employee Appreciation Day

  • Employee of the Day/Week/Quarter Ballot
  • Employee of the Day Sweepstakes
  • employee of the month giveaway

March 3

World Wildlife Day

  • Wildlife Safety Quiz
  • Local Wildlife Photo Contest

Photo Gallery for World Wildlife Conservation Day

International Irish Whiskey Day

  • What’s Your Whiskey IQ? Quiz
  • Best Type of Whiskey Poll

whiskey poll

March 4

Grammar Day

  • Are You a Grammar Genius? Quiz

grammar quiz

Marching Band Day

  • Favorite Marching Band Photo Contest
  • Best Marching Band Ballot

wdiv marching band ballot

March 6

National Dentist’s Day

  • Top Dentists Ballot
  • Win a Teeth Whitening Package Sweepstakes
  • Show Us Your Smile Photo Contest
  • Dental Health Quiz
  • Dental Quiz

March 7

Cereal Day

  • What’s Your Favorite Cereal? Poll

Cereal Poll

March 8

International Women’s Day

  • Women in Business Ballot
  • The Woman Who Inspires Me Photo Contest
  • How Much Do You Know about Women’s History? Quiz (turnkey available)

Famous Georgia Women Quiz

March 11

World Plumbing Day

  • Bathroom Maintenance Trivia (turnkey available)
  • Best Plumbers in [City] Ballot
  • Plumbing Giveaway

plumbing giveaway

March 12

Girl Scout Day

  • Which Girl Scout Cookie Are You? Quiz

girl scout quiz

March 14

Potato Chip Day

  • Best Potato Chip Poll
  • Name That Potato Chip Quiz

Chip Day Quiz

March 16

World Sleeping Day

  • How Well Do You Sleep? Quiz
  • Win a New Mattress Sweepstakes
  • Caught Napping Photo Contest

Caught Napping Photo Contest

March 17

St. Patrick’s Day

  • Win Some Green on St. Paddy’s Day Sweepstakes
  • Show Off Your Green Photo Contest
  • How Much Do You Know About St. Patrick’s Day? Quiz (turnkey available)

St Patricks Day Quiz

March 23

World Puppy Day

  • Win a Year of Puppy Food Sweepstakes
  • Puppy Tricks Video Contest
  • What Breed of Puppy is Perfect for You? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Cutest Puppy Photo Contest

puppy day photo contest

March 30

Doctors’ Day

arkansas life top doctors ballot

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