Turning Your Lead-Gen Campaigns into a Business Line

by Julie Foley Second Street

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Understand the Benefits of Lead-Gen Campaigns

Advertisers are looking for campaigns to deliver measurable results. They value outcomes over eyeballs, database growth, and middle-of-the-funnel solutions.

Understand the Advertisers to Target

While lead-gen campaigns can work for everyone, it doesn’t mean you should target everyone. Stick to the specific industries (home services, healthcare, financial, and more) who really value leads.

Understand the Client’s Needs

There’s only one way to know what results matter most to your client: ask them! Start with a CNA to find out their goals, focuses, and to what they consider a success.

How to Sell

Don’t think of these campaigns as one-offs. Instead, pitch this idea as a long-term recurring-revenue campaign to drive increased exposure for your advertiser month after month.

You MUST Follow Up

The follow up isn’t an option; it’s a requirement. But don’t just reach out when the campaign is over, follow along and communicate with your advertiser throughout the campaign.

Just Do It!

One bonus step – don’t overcomplicate the process. Promotions deliver results. You need to trust yourself, trust in your resources, and trust in the solution you’re selling.

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