Why Mobile Uploading Is So Important for Contests

by Matt Coen Second Street

It is possible to easily upload and share photos and video to the Internet directly from mobile devices, and this capability expands the possibilities for online contesting.

Mobile photo and video uploading is a game-changer for contesting because of the way mobile devices have become integrated with the way people interact with digital media. Nearly half of all American adults (45%) – and a full two-thirds of young adults (66%) – own smartphones and one quarter (25%) own a tablet.

Smartphones and tablets now have high-quality built-in cameras, and mobile users don’t necessarily want to take the extra step of transferring their photos and video from their device to a computer. Photography is one of the most common activities performed with a smartphone, and 82% of cell phone owners use their phones to take pictures. This ability to take, edit, and immediately upload photos and video lowers significant barriers to contest participation.

The ability to upload photos and video straight from mobile devices will likely help substantially grow participation in all photo and video contests. Previously, the photo submission contests that generated the most success were those that called for photographs that people already had lying around – pets, babies, and even fishing trips. While those contest categories should remain staples for any contesting program, there is now more potential to broaden your contesting horizons. Since users can now take and upload photo and video on the spot, it becomes much easier for them to create content specifically for a given contest, especially video.

Mobile uploading capability allows for contests that take place in real time, such as during a live event. People can not only take and upload their own photos to the contest while at the event, they can have their picture taken at a photo booth-type setup or by a wandering photographer or videographer and watch as it’s instantly uploaded. Photo and video contests now have the potential to be more vibrant and creative than ever, both in terms of what you can run and how you can run it. Take advantage of this newfound versatility to push your contesting program in new directions – just be sure to optimize your contests for mobile and keep offering contesting staples along with your innovations.

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