KAKE-TV Secured 6 Sponsorships for Valentine’s Quiz

by Patti Masten KAKE-TV

Case Study Highlights

  • Significant revenue from title and prize sponsors
  • Facebook Like increases for all sponsors
  • Customers came in and told sponsors they had taken the quiz

The Idea

KAKE-TV, a part of Gray Television, is a 67 DMA television station in Wichita, Kansas.

We wanted to drive sponsorship revenue with a fun promotion that would engage our viewers and give them a chance to win prizes. The solution was a series of quarterly quizzes sponsored by the same advertiser, including a “How Cupid Are You?” quiz for Valentine’s Day.

The Execution

The title sponsor for all of our quarterly quizzes was Davis Moore, a local car dealership. We also sold daily sponsorships to advertisers that provided us with prizes to give away. The 5 prize sponsors of the “How Cupid Are You?” quiz were a restaurant, a coffee & chocolate store, a spa, a hotel, and a jewelry store. All of these advertisers were the perfect fit for a Valentine’s Day-themed promotion.


After taking the quiz, people were given the option to enter their information for a chance to win daily prizes from the sponsors.

To promote the quiz and sweepstakes, we ran an advertising package that included the following:

  • :15 and :05 commercials
  • Web and mobile ads and video pre-roll
  • Email message to a database of more than 25,000
  • Posts to our Facebook page


The Results

Since we sold several quiz sponsorships, the promotion brought in significant revenue for KAKE.

It was also a hit in our market. The quiz was taken thousands of times, and the sweepstakes received close to 5,000 entries over a 5 day period. On just the first day the quiz was live, it was taken 1,748 times and 1,513 people – a full 87% of those who took the quiz – filled out the optional registration form.

Plus, since we included optional Like boxes for our sponsors on the entry form, all of our sponsors saw an increase in their Facebook Likes!

Our advertisers were thrilled with the promotion, and told us that customers had come in and said they had taken and enjoyed the quiz.

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