5 Tips for Improving Your Facebook Post Reach

by Julie Foley Second Street

Avoid Trigger Words

Facebook tries to prioritize user’s newsfeeds with posts they most want to see. Words like “giveaway,” “sweepstakes,” or “contest,” can negatively impact your post’s reach. Consider removing these obvious trigger words by rephrasing your posts – Instead of “Enter to win our $1,000 giveaway,” try “Who wouldn’t want $1,000?”

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Avoid Facebook Trigger Words

Video is Your Friend

It’s time to start using videos to promote your engagement campaigns. There are so many programs to help you create videos for social media, and many of them require practically no video editing skills. In a study by the team at SocialBakers, they found that posts including videos tend to drive the most organic reach.

Video Drives the Most Engagement

Consider Buying Boosted Posts

Many companies hesitate when it comes to purchasing a Facebook Boosted Post, but these can be a great way to increase engagement to your next campaign. These purchased posts can be highly targeted and will reach a wider audience than your standard Facebook Post.

Boost a Post to Drive Engagement

Use Milestones when Possible

Have you ever noticed you never seem to miss when someone announces their engagement, anniversary, or birthday? That’s because Facebook recognizes these milestone type words and helps push them to the top of the Newsfeeds. If you can incorporate milestones into your post, you’ll likely be able to increase your reach.

Leverage Milestones as Much as Possible

Write Conversationally

Users are more likely to interact with Facebook Posts that are written as if a real person is talking to them. When you write your posts, try to make them sound natural and conversational.

Make Your Posts Conversational

When it comes to crafting an engaging Facebook Post, it may take a bit of time and effort to make a winner. Just like you would other projects you’re working on, keep track of things that worked and things that didn’t. Every audience is different, so try out some of these new techniques and see how much you can increase the reach of your next post.

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