3 Ideas to Find Leads for Jewelry Advertisers

by Julie Foley Second Street


As part of their ‘Countdown to Christmas’ campaign, the West Kentucky Star secured a local fine jewelry store to sponsor one of their daily sweepstakes. The advertiser drove engagement with a prize of a $200 gift card for one lucky user. They also included an opt-in and a smart lead-generation question to find potential customers!

west kentucky star christmas jewelry

Photo Contests

Try a photo contest to show off the advertiser’s beautiful pieces! To celebrate their 90th business anniversary, a local jeweler sponsored this photo contest from WTAP-TV. They asked their audience to submit a photo of their favorite jewelry piece from the jeweler for a chance to win one of three gift cards ($490, $290, $190.) It was a great way to target past customers and encourage them to celebrate the business anniversary.

wtap jewelry photo contest


Use a quiz to engage your audience while collecting valuable customer information for your advertiser. The Pocono Record did this with their ‘What Kind of Bride Are You?’ quiz for local jeweler. The advertiser provided a prize of a pearl necklace (valued at $1,200), which was perfect for attracting their desired audience. With an opt-in and lead-generation question, the advertiser was able to identify prospects for engagement rings.

pocono record quiz jewelry


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