3 Ideas to Target Grocery Stores

by Julie Foley Second Street


Quizzes are versatile and can be tailored to any holiday specific foods. Pair this “How Well Do You Know Your Food?” quiz with a grocery store as your advertiser, and you’ll be cooking up a great partnership. Don’t forget to include lead-generation questions to find out who your market is.

Quizzes Can Be a Perfect Fit for Grocery Stores

Photo Contests

People love to take pictures of the food they make and the food they’re about to eat. A photo contest can be a perfect pitch to a local grocery store. Include an email opt-in so that people who are interested can receive news in the future from you advertiser.

Photo Contests are Perfect for Grocery


WXMI-TV’s grocery giveaway generated $10,000 in revenue all from two brand new sponsors. The station and the advertisers wanted a contest that could give back to the community. During the ten-day contest, ten winners received a $150 grocery gift card for themselves and a second $150 gift card to donate to local food banks. By adding a simple opt-in WXMI generated over 5,000 new email addresses for their sponsors.

Sweepstakes are Great for Grocery

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