3 Promotion Ideas to Floor Your Flooring Advertisers

by Julie Foley Second Street


Aberdeen American News sold a three-quiz bundle to a local remodeling company. It included a ‘What’s Your Home Style?’, ‘What’s Your Kitchen Style?’, and ‘ Home Remodel ROI Trivia’ quizzes. This was a perfect opportunity to find prospective customers and, since the advertiser included different lead-generation questions with each quiz, they collected a ton of valuable information about their audience.

aberdeen kitchen style quiz floor to ceiling

Photo/Video Contests

Photo contests are great for finding those in need of new flooring! The Winston Salem Journal utilized this ready-made turnkey for a photo contest with a local floor and home store. They asked users to submit a photo of their ‘ugly floor’ and collect the most votes to win $500 in flooring from the sponsor! It was a great chance for the advertiser to get in front of a highly-targeted audience!

Winston-Salem Journal photo contest floor


Since flooring is a high-value prize with a pretty narrow target demographic, sweepstakes are the perfect way to attract leads for your flooring businesses. WPSD-TV hosted a ‘Dream Floor’ sweepstakes with a local flooring advertiser. With a prize of $2,000 towards a flooring renovation, the campaign targeted those looking to renovate their flooring. The advertiser included an opt-in and three lead-generation questions to learn valuable information on prospective customers.

Flooring sweepstakes from WPSD-TV


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