The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Holiday Advertiser Showcase

by Liz Huff Second Street

Build your multimedia sales package

Be sure to include promotional elements across multiple platforms when building your sales package for this campaign. Check out how KDRV-TV created a valuable sponsorship package for their Countdown to Christmas campaign!

KDRV-Holiday-Sweeps-Sponsorship-Package (1)

Secure 6-12 local businesses for a themed campaign

This could be anything such as downtown businesses, local specialty boutiques, or take-out restaurants. The great thing about having a larger pool of participating businesses in the campaign is everyone benefits from larger exposure!

An advertiser showcase is also a unique opportunity to include a presenting sponsor. These are typically a larger business in the community – think insurance, financial, grocery, and other big dollar advertisers looking for presence and exposure for the holiday season.

Create one sweepstakes for each sponsoring business

Each sponsoring business gets an individual sweepstakes for a prize they provide. This could be a large item, basket of products, and/or gift certificates. Include both email opt-ins and lead-generation questions in each individual sweepstakes to maximize their results.

palm beach neighbors 12 days of giving advertiser showcase

Utilize opt-ins and lead-generation questions

Some of the most important features of your sweepstakes are the opt-ins and lead-generation questions. You should always include an opt-in for both your company and your advertiser to substantially grow your email databases. And lead-generation questions are a vital tool to provide your advertiser with measurable results such as a list of hot leads!


Additional Touchpoints

In addition to the contest itself, you can utilize features like invite emails, extra chances, coupons, and thank-you emails to create additional touchpoints for your advertisers.

Citrus County Chronicle 12 days thank-you email

This holiday season, don’t miss out on the huge revenue and engagement opportunity of an advertiser showcase! If you have any questions, you can chat with a member of our Success team using the chat box in the lower right hand corner of the Lab.

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