How to Help Your Merchants Campaign When They’re on Your Ballot

by Julie Foley Second Street

Businesses on your local Voters’ Choice ballot will be anxious to campaign for votes. Be prepared to offer them all the tools they need to seek out votes from their customers while also working as additional marketing for your ballot.

When The Post and Courier ran their Charleston’s Choice metro ballot, they prepared tons of digital resources for their merchants to download. Not only would these banners and images help the business earn votes, but it would also be a great way to drive even more entries to the ballot itself. Check out the Charleston’s Choice Promotions Toolkit including downloadable images, banners, and custom links to specific categories.

Create a Digital Toolkit for Merchants

Looking for some ideas of what to prepare for the businesses on your ballot? Check out this list of what you could offer to your merchants:

      • Enhanced Ballot Listings (including logo, website, and map)

Landing Page

      • Ballot Sponsorship Ads (on main voting pages)
      • Ballot Category Sponsorship Ads (featured on top of specific category)

Category Ad

      • Banner Ads on the Media Company’s Website
      • Takeover Ads on Media Company’s Website
      • Social Media Toolkit (including images designed for Facebook Cover Photos, Facebook Posts, Twitter Posts, and more)

Social Sharing 2 copy copy

      • Featured Sponsor on Any Ballot Emails
      • In-Print and On-Air Ads for Business
      • “Vote for Us” Vinyl Banners (ready-to-hang)
      • “Vote for Us” Buttons
      • “Vote for Us” Posters
      • “Vote for Us” Table Tents
      • “Vote for Us” Handout Flyers

The more people who know about your ballot, the more successful it will be. Make sure you prepared to leverage the businesses on your ballot as additional marketing tools for your company while providing them with fantastic opportunities to promote themselves.

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