5 Simple Steps to Grow Basketball Revenue + Engagement

by Julie Foley Second Street

Bracket fever is contagious in March. Nearly 70 million college tournament brackets will get filled out this year.

This webinar lays out four steps to make your basketball campaign your biggest revenue generator and engagement driver yet. Plus, hear from WLEX-TV’s Sherry Hayes and Kate Lowe about how they turned their bracket into a $60,000 win for their station (and they don’t even air the tournament!)

Ready to get started?

Download the Playbook.

First, download Your Guide to Basketball Contests and Interactive Content. This playbook is jam-packed with case studies, best practices, and inspiration to get your entire March basketball campaign running successfully.

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Run Turnkeys.

Putting together a great basketball campaign doesn’t have to take a lot of work. These ready-to-run and ready-to-customize turnkey quizzes, ballots, and the 3-in-1 tournament bracket make it easy to have a beautiful basketball campaign in just minutes.

Create a Bundled Campaign.

Dramatically increase your revenue and engagement when you bundle multiple promotions and interactive content together. By combining basketball-themed brackets, quizzes, sweepstakes, and photo contests together, you can create one powerful campaign to sell to your advertisers and target a much wider audience. Set yourself up for success with our Sample Sales Packages for ideas and best practices.

Create a Bundled Campaign

Integrate Advertisers & Talent.

Great campaigns thrive on audience engagement. If you want to connect with your audience all season long, integrate your talent and advertisers as VIP Pickers for your pick’em. Your users will come back time and time again to see how they matchup against them. The entire sports department of WLEX-TV and additional talent participated as VIP Pickers in their Hey Kentucky! Hoops Bracket Challenge.

Leverage VIP Pickers to Increase Engagement

Looking for more ways to incorporate your advertisers and drive additional revenue? Kate Lowe’s team at WLEX created an advertiser bracket. For every $500 in incremental spend with WLEX, advertisers could sponsor a team in the tournament. Depending on how far their team advanced, the businesses could earn additional advertising spots throughout the tournament.

This simple bracket drove an additional $43,000 in incremental revenue for WLEX.

Advertiser Bracket Scores a TON of Incremental Revenue

Promote. Promote. Promote.

Developing a great campaign is only half the battle. You have to have a comprehensive marketing strategy to make sure that your target audience knows about your campaign. Leverage all of your company’s assets starting with print, on-air, website ads, and social media (and here are our best practices for promoting.) Above all else, send a dedicated email announcing your campaigns – email is the single most effective tool for driving engagement.


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