4 Father’s Day Ideas (& Why They’ll Work for You)

by Julie Foley Second Street

Photo contests

A father and son photo contest is a great opportunity for people to show off family photos. Plus, users will take pride in sharing their photos on social and requesting votes from their friends and family.

All that social sharing means photo contests generate high pageviews. Advertisers will benefit from the expanded branding opportunity which can be leveraged for a higher sponsorship investment.

Incorporating a great prize will set you and your advertisers up for success. A valuable prize has the chance to drive higher engagement numbers. Plus, you can work with your advertisers to include a special bounceback offer for all participants in your thank-you email – what a great way to drive foot traffic!



There are so many great opportunities for Father’s Day sweepstakes. Just take a look at the variety of prizes in these three sweepstakes examples below – concert tickets, tools, or barbecue prize package with a new grill and grocery gift card.

When you run your sweepstakes, include an email opt-in so both you and the advertiser can grow an email database. Sweepstakes are the best way to grow your database, so be sure you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

These are also a quick way to gain insight into your consumers by adding on 2-3 survey questions. If you’re including survey questions, make sure your prize is valuable enough people won’t mind providing this additional information.



Father’s Day ballots can be created on a number of fun topics. You can ask your community to vote for their favorite movies about dads, best ideas for gifts for dad, or even the best local place to spend Father’s Day dinner.

Beyond these ideas, a home improvement or best of baseball ballot can be a great opportunity to target local advertisers looking to drive additional brand awareness before the Father’s Day holiday. By selling a title sponsorship, category sponsorship, or enhanced listings, you can make your ballot a great revenue opportunity for you.

To maximize participation in your ballot, don’t forget to add on a sweepstakes for your entrants to have a chance to win an excellent Father’s Day gift package.

Try a Father's Day Ballot


Quizzes are a creative idea for you to present to advertisers and can target a wide audience. Need some Father’s Day themed quiz ideas? Why not one of these:

  • “Who’s Your TV Dad?
  • “What should You Get Your Dad for Father’s Day?”
  • “Can You Name These Celebrity Dads?”
  • “Where Should You Spend Father’s Day in (City)?”
  • “Who Said These Famous Dad Quotes?”

Combine 3-5 quizzes together to create a quiz bundle. Bundling is an ideal way to streamline your sales process by selling the entire set to just one advertiser for a high sponsorship investment. Plus, advertisers will love the opportunity to get more exposure for their brand.

To make a quiz even more enticing to your sponsor, create one entirely about them. For a group of locally owned golf courses, a quiz like “Which Golf Course is Perfect for Your Dad?” could feature all of the owner’s different courses as outcomes. Plus, by adding a discount or offer to the outcome page to drive measurable foot traffic for your advertiser.

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Let Father’s Day be the big kickoff to your summer revenue and engagement season, and set yourself up for success with photo contests, sweepstakes, ballots, and quizzes.

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