Email Segmentation: How to Overcome 4 Common Objections

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

“Last time you sold me the full list. Why would I want to buy just a piece of it now?”

Compared to sending a full blast email, sending to a segmented list is proven to increase open rates and conversions by 39%. Segmenting has also shown a 28% decrease in opt-out rates as well.

The ability to send a message based on a topic the reader cares about cuts through email inbox clutter and will reach them in a more meaningful way. So, while the size of the email list may appear to have shrunk, you’ll likely find that it’s maximized your opportunities to generate qualified leads.

“How did you determine that they were interested in these topics?”

Creating artificial buckets of subscribers would not be in our long-term best interests as we want to produce results that will achieve your goals and keep you returning as a customer with us.

We determine our segmented lists based on responses collected from previous user opt-ins, interest in specific site content, and participation in past promotions (taking a quiz about vacations may filter them into a bucket for an interest in travel). So, when we place a subscriber into a designated category, it is because they have actively shown interest in that topic.


“What are my options for targeting a specific group?”

Some of the most popular ways to segment your audience is through ZAG (zip code, age, or gender). Targeting based on ZAG is a quick way to ensure you’re maximizing both your open and conversion rate. Additionally, we can target based on user interest such as sports, dining & entertainment, or home & garden.

“Targeting makes sense, but this list is so small. I don’t see how it could actually be effective.”

If you’re looking for conversions and bringing people to your site or business, sending to a smaller segmented list is ideal to achieving your goals. With these targeted emails, we can be more strategic and effective in the messages we send, practically hand-picking the recipients.

Whether you’re hoping to reach a new audience or interested in finding more people similar to your current demographic, sending targeted emails allows you to attract more qualified leads and earn a higher conversion rate.

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