5 Ways to Educate Your Audience Around COVID-19

by Liz Huff Second Street

Email Content

Including important prevention updates in your email content helps spread that information and helps to establish trust with your audience. Link to official organizations (Center for Disease Control) and keep the content brief and factual.

Pop-up Newsletter

Short-term, pop-up newsletters are a great way to help your audience stay updated and informed. Send these emails at the same time and include local updates, cancelations, centers for assistance, etc. Not only will this be a huge help to your audience but it’s also a great way to become the go-to resource people expect.

daily herald chrono newsletter

How Much Do You Know About Coronavirus? Trivia Quiz

Quizzes are a fantastic way to educate your audience. Utilize this pre-made turnkey trivia quiz to test users’ knowledge of the virus while educating them with the facts.

How Much Do You Know About Coronavirus? Trivia Quiz

Best Ways to Relieve Stress Bracket

A bracket allows your audience to discover new ideas and vote for their favorites in a fun head-to-head competition. As everyone is looking for stress-relieving activities, especially ones that can be done from home, this is a perfect opportunity to engage your audience.

Fact-or-Myth – Washing Your Hands Trivia Quiz

It’s never been more important to take care of your hygiene, especially hand-washing.This pre-made turnkey trivia quiz is a great way to keep your audience entertained while educating them on the importance of proper and regular hand-washing to everyone’s health.

Hand Washing: Fact or Myth Trivia Quiz

Now is the time to utilize promotions to engage your audience. Consider using a bracket, quiz, or ballot to drive website traffic and keep your audience up to date with important information.

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