9 Must-Send Emails for Your Next Event

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Save the Date

Send a save the date event email to previous event attendees to boost awareness and provide information to this targeted audience. Include a call-to-action such as “Sign Up for Updates” or “Click to Add to Calendar.”

Early Bird Offer

Use this first major sales push to build an audience base of advocates for your event. Those advocates become an extension of your marketing team and will recruit their friends.

early bird email Williamsport sun-gazette

“Tickets on Sale” Series

Using targeted messages for your different audience segments, you can promote different phases of ticket sales like pre-sale, discount, and last chance.

Planning Series

As you get closer to event day, reach out to registrants and previous participants with helpful and encouraging tips to prepare for the event. Quality content will remind them of your value and get them even more excited about your event.

Sharing Series

Encourage your audience to share the event and their excitement with their social connections. Include clear incentives and make sharing as easy as possible.

Speaker/Guest Announcement

Mid-way from your ‘Save the Date’ email, announce an exciting feature of your event such as a special guest or keynote speaker. Include a full-price offer to drive ticket conversions.

NNBV Speakers

Last Chance

Remind your audience of their last chance to get tickets. Deliver a sense of urgency and provide a clear call-to-action to grab their tickets before they’re gone.

Thank You

Once someone has RSVPd or purchased a ticket to your event, send a transactional and informational thank-you email. Include time and location details, refund/cancellation policy, pre-event activities such as packet pick-up or a networking happy hour, and contact information. This is another opportunity to encourage your audience to share their excitement with their social circle.

Post-Event Survey

Send a post-event survey to your attendees to gather market research and feedback. We often see this type of email receive the highest open rates from this list, so take advantage of this targeted audience.

Post-event survey Choice-aritaville

Don’t miss a chance to connect with your audience with event emails. Meet them in their inbox with the right information, in the right context, at the right time in their customer journey, and you’ll see your event attendance grow.

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