Reach ALL Your Goals With a Variety of Contests on Your Calendar

by Julie Foley Second Street

Planning Your Contest Mix

Let’s say that you are planning your promotions calendar and your primary goal for the year is revenue growth, with a secondary goal of database growth and a tertiary goal of audience growth.

Here’s what a well-mixed calendar designed to meet those goals might look like:


To check your contest mix, you can quickly count up how many times each contest type appears on your calendar and make a graph of the results. Here’s what a breakdown of the calendar above looks like:


Since the focus is primarily on revenue, the calendar is heavy on sponsored submission contests. If database growth was the primary goal, you could switch the pie chart around so that sweepstakes make up the largest category.

No matter which goals you are working to achieve, a good contest mix helps you diversity your digital revenue, gives you a compelling marketing message to bring to your advertisers, and keeps your audience interested by constantly delivering something fresh.

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