Quiz Bundle Helps Hospital Earn 2nd Place in Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

by Karie Thornton Bristol Broadcasting

Case Study Highlights

  • $1,000 incremental buy, for WPSD-TV with current advertiser
  • Email opt-in helps hospital earn votes for national competition

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was a Finalist for a 2015 Second Street Award.

The Idea

Baptist Health Paducah, a local hospital in Paducah, KY has participated in the Pink Glove Dance since its start in 2011. The Pink Glove Dance is a national contest where hospital teams wear pink sterile gloves and perform a choreographed dance to the song chosen for that year. These creative music videos have been a huge viral success and are all dedicated to bringing about greater recognition for breast cancer awareness.


This year, Baptist Health Paducah wanted to make an even bigger difference for such a meaningful cause, so they asked us at WPSD-TV Local 6 to see about a partnership to promote and produce this year’s dance. We loved the idea and immediately started brainstorming ways to make this year’s Pink Glove Dance a success. A bundled package of quizzes were the perfect promotion to use since we wanted to build on the viral nature of social media.

The Execution

We really wanted to impress the Baptist Health Paducah marketing team as this promotion would mean an incremental buy on top of what the hospital already spends with WPSD-TV for television advertising spots. We brainstormed a few quiz ideas centered around breast cancer awareness, early detection, and garnering even more votes for the hospital in the Pink Glove Dance contest.


The first idea we came up with was a trivia quiz called “Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge.” This quiz contained ten educational questions, and the results page displayed all of the correct answers. This quiz was taken more than 230 times. In addition, we crafted a fun personality quiz titled “Which type of pink glove dancer are you?” This quiz posed humorous questions and had four different outcomes. Each of these outcomes being one of WPSD Local 6’s on-air personalities who would be dancing in the Pink Glove Dance for Baptist Health Paducah. This quiz did even better than the first, receiving more than 460 plays.

To target the hospital’s main goal of earning votes in the Pink Glove Contest, a call to action requesting votes was displayed on the top and bottom of each question page of both quizzes. Then, the results page contained multiple redirect links encouraging even more votes.


In our early planning stages with the hospital’s marketing team, we had decided to include an opt-in requesting email addresses of users who wanted to receive future emails from Baptist Health Paducah regarding the Pink Glove Dance. Since the Pink Glove Dance allowed users to vote once per day, we were able to utilize these opt-in addresses to send out emails notifying people that it was their last chance to vote for their favorite hospital’s music video.

The Results

Working directly with Baptist Health Paducah allowed us to sell both quizzes as a bundled deal, so WPSD-TV gained $1,000 in revenue on top of what the hospital already spends with us. Our plan for promoting this bundle of quizzes included an email to the WPSD database, ROS banner ads on WPSDlocal6.com, daily page shares to the WPSD Facebook Page, as well as the setup and creation of both quizzes.


Baptist Health Paducah was incredibly pleased with the results from this quiz bundle. Not only were they able to educate a large group of people that early detection of breast cancer saves lives, but because of the viral nature of these quizzes on social media, their Pink Glove Dance also ended up earning them a 2nd place in the contest!


WPSD-TV’s Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge was a finalist for the Best Sponsored Quiz at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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