How to Drive Revenue and Engagement with Brackets

by Julie Foley Second Street


Key Takeaways

Benefits of Brackets

Brackets bring the debates you have with your friends to life in a fun way. They are ideal for title sponsors and creating a multi-bracket recurring revenue campaign. They bring users back round after round, encourages viral sharing, and perfect for content teams.

Brackets Deliver on Revenue & Engagement

Revenue Ideas

One of the most popular revenue ideas is the College Hoops bracket. But brackets can do more than just basketball. We’ve seen some big revenue generating brackets around local dining, favorite activities, pets, local attractions, entertainment, and local sports.

Local Bracket Delivers $50K

Audience Engagement Ideas

With or without a sponsor, brackets are one of the best engagement drivers whether it’s picking the top ice cream flavor, best local sports moment, top song of the decade, or best Thanksgiving side. Be sure to include an email opt-in to take advantage of all that engagement.

Brackets Create Great Content

How to Sell

While you can sell brackets as a one-off campaign, make your sales process more efficient when you sell multiple brackets as an annual campaign. Develop a robust sponsorship package including digital, email, and core media elements.

Create a Multi-Month Bracket Program