Best Sweepstakes from the 2020 Awards

by Liz Huff Second Street

12 Days of Christmas

KSAT-TV | San Antonio, TX

*2019 Second Street Award – Best Sweepstakes Winner

To celebrate and capitalize on the Christmas season, KSAT ran a series of 12 daily sweepstakes from 12 different sponsoring businesses. The campaign, in total, received over 28,000 entries and more than 20,300 opt-ed in for sponsor emails! This was a great boost for both the advertisers and the station, which generated $30,000 in revenue from the promotion.

12 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes from KSAT-TV

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Sweepstakes

Daytona Beach News-Journal | Daytona Beach, FL

This sweepstakes from the Daytona Beach News-Journal was a great opportunity for the sponsoring cruise line to get in front of a large audience and grow their email list. With a huge prize two night cruise, this contest drove 6,700 entries. The entry form included email opt-ins for both the advertiser and paper and each added more than 1,000 new emails to their lists. The advertiser also utilized lead-generation questions to learn valuable consumer information. And, what’s more, the paper generated $15,000 in sponsorship revenue from this campaign!

Daytona Beach News-Journal

WI State Fair Cream Puff Contest

WITI-TV | Milwaukee, WI

WITI-TV’s annual Cream Puff Sweepstakes is something their viewers look forward to every year. Sponsored by the Wisconsin State Fair, they give away 600 six-packs of cream puffs to generate excitement about the fair. This year they collected 22,275 entries – more than ever before! Attracting this huge audience was a perfect chance to grow both the station and advertiser’s email lists. The station added 12,087 opt-ins to their email list and the advertiser added 16,444 opt-ins. What’s even sweeter was the revenue – the station generated $10,000 in revenue!

WI State Fair Cream Puff Contest

Christmas Codeword Sweepstakes

Hutch Post | Hutchinson, KS

This Christmas Codeword sweepstakes was a great chance for Hutch Post to drive listenership. Three times a day the codeword was announced exclusively on-air and the station encouraged listeners to log the codeword at their website to be registered for the sponsor’s daily $100 gift certificate drawing. To drive participation, everyone who entered a codeword was also entered for the $1,000 Christmas Cash grand prize. The daily contests grew to 1,000 entries each day, giving the sponsors tons of valuable opt-ins. The stations ratings, web hits all soared during the promotion, which generated $12,700 in revenue.

Christmas Codeword Sweepstakes

Blake Shelton Ultimate Youngstown Night Out

WKBN-TV | Youngstown, OH

WKBN-TV secured a local venue to sponsor this concert experience ticket sweepstakes. The prize package included front-row tickets, a $100 gift card for dinner, and a hotel stay downtown for a Blake Shelton concert. This led to over 9,000 entries, nearly 2,500 opt-ins for the sponsor email list, and 1,600 new opt-ins for the station’s newsletter. Not only that, but the station brought in over $7,000 in sponsorship revenue.

Blake Shelton sweepstakes from WKBN

YMCA Healthy Living Sweepstakes

Akron Beacon Journal | Akron, OH

Akron Beacon Journal created this sweepstakes with their local YMCA to capitalize on the New Year’s Resolution exercise rush. With a prize of a 6-month family membership, the sweepstakes drove over 2,500 entries and 790 opt-ins for the sponsor. The paper brought in $7,500 in revenue from this campaign. And, after the success of this sweepstakes, the YMCA purchased two more campaigns – a Summer Camp Giveaway and a three-month membership sweepstakes for the summer in May.

Akron Beacon Journals YMCA Sweepstakes

This year’s top sweepstakes truly showed the value of consumer data. While sponsorship revenue is great, understanding your audience better is invaluable!

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