College Hoops is Back! How to Maximize Audience & Revenue Growth

by Julie Foley Second Street

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Start Planning Now

In a normal year, the college hoops tournament generates BIG dollars. But in a year following the historic tournament cancellation, engagement should be at its peak. When you create your plan, lean into this excitement to be sure you’re tapping into your full audience.

Leverage Multiple Promotions for the Whole Tournament

Target the Right Advertisers

There are a ton of advertisers who want to align themselves with your basketball promotions. We’d recommend starting with automotive, financial, grocery, home services, and a few others. These categories have money to spend and are thriving. Consider these sponsors for any bundled basketball promotions as well as sponsorships of just your bracket.

Lawrence Best Pizza Bracket Engages Audience

Create a Robust Campaign

Yes, you should definitely run a basketball bracket! But that shouldn’t be the only aspect of your college hoops campaign. Create an integrated campaign leveraging multiple promotions to expand your audience reach and engage them all-tournament long.

Pick the Revenue Number You Want

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