Travel Agency Books $30K from Magical Vacation Sweeps

by Andrea McFarland Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group

Case Study Highlights

  • $30,000 in direct sales for advertiser
  • $6,500 in sponsorship investment
  • Nearly 3,500 entries
  • More than 1,300 opt-ins for advertiser

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was a finalist for Best Sweepstakes at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

The Idea

Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group is no beginner to promotions – we’ve been running them for years. However, we recently made the switch to run our promotions digitally.

The Execution

The Gift of Magic Sweepstakes was our first digital promotion. We decided to run the promotion across both our stations in central Missouri (KCLR-FM and KATI-FM) to maximize our opportunity for additional entries and greater exposure.

For our title sponsor, we worked with Classic Travel and Tours, a local travel agency geographically situated for both Missouri radio stations’ markets. On top of the sponsorship investment, the agency was able to provide the cost of the grand prize: a trip for four to Walt Disney World.


In order to deliver the most qualified leads to our advertiser, we took advantage of survey questions. Our survey questions asked about information directly related to the travel agency’s business. This data is incredibly valuable to the advertiser as it can be directly used for targeted marketing campaigns in the future. This way Classic Travel is only sending out emails and offers directly related to that specific customer.


Email marketing is very important to Classic Travel (as it is most small businesses), so we included an opt-in on the registration page, along with an optional Facebook Like Box.


When a user entered the contest, we automatically sent them a thank-you email with a bounceback offer for a free travel accessory to increase foot traffic to the advertiser’s store.


Not only did we optimize the contest itself, we really promoted it like crazy. Both stations ran on-air promos and even had the on-air personalities talking about it during their shows. We also promoted on social media, and the audience loved it!


The Results

With nearly 3,500 entries, we were delighted with the results of our first digital promotion. Plus, our radio group generated $6,500 from the travel agency’s sponsorship investment, and the agency covered the cost of the prize.

Classic Travel was absolutely thrilled. As a direct result of this sweepstakes, they added more than 1,300 qualified leads to their database, and sold six vacations – a total of almost $30,000 in revenue for Classic Travel.

Zimmer Radio Group’s Gift of Magic Giveaway Sweepstakes was a finalist for Best Sweepstakes at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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