3 Ways to Target Local Home Flooring Businesses

by Liz Huff Second Street

Photo Contests

A fix-my-floor photo contest is the perfect way to engage qualified leads. The voting phase will bring a lot of foot traffic to your site, even from those not directly involved with the contest. This gives your advertiser the chance to be center stage for the duration of the campaign and increases their visibility in the community.

Fix My Floor Photo Contest


Sweepstakes and giveaways are always a huge hit with a large audience. The Benson’s Interiors Ugly Flooring Sweepstakes by KEZI-TV in Eugene, OR included a prize of new flooring, as well as installation – talk about a prize to drive qualified leads! This campaign is a great opportunity to see who in your area needs new flooring by including lead-gen survey questions and an email opt-in to provide your advertiser with a database of qualified leads.

Benson's Interiors Ugly Floor Contest


People love the chance to test their skills and challenge their friends and family. A home maintenance trivia quiz is a great way to engage the homeowners in your community and provide an opportunity for brand exposure for an advertiser. Not only can each question be tagged to learn more about your users, but with a couple of survey questions such as, “Do you own your home?” and “Have you ever been a customer of our flooring company?” you’ll be giving your advertiser tons of qualified leads

Home Maintenance Quiz

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