Dos and Don’ts of Email Opt-Ins

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

DON’T make your opt-ins deceptive.


This example is a bit sneaky. Instead of the user checking the box to opt-in, they’re instead being asked to check it to opt-out. You want your opt-in to be clear and to follow the format of what users are expecting.

DON’T make your opt-ins vague.


People won’t sign-up for something they don’t understand. In this opt-in, it’s unclear if checking the box is answering yes or no. Also, are these future contests strictly from the media company or could that include contests from sponsors or partner companies?

DON’T skip an opt-in entirely.


But the ultimate worst opt-in? No opt-in at all. Adding an opt-in is such a simple step that can lead to huge benefits for you.

DO make your opt-ins clear


This is a perfect example of a well crafted opt-in. While it’s simple and straightforward, it clearly identifies what you’re signing up for, how often you’ll get messages, and what the content of those messages will be.

DO make your opt-ins upbeat.


This opt-in has a lot going for it. First, it starts with an exciting “Yes!” that clearly signals what happens if you check the box. Second, it leverages the exclusivity of signing up by mentioning their VIP email club. This is a great way to make your opt-in even more enticing to users.

DO make your opt-ins enticing.


This example did so well, it earned an 88% opt-in rate. The key to success here was the offer for free dinner and lunch just for signing up. See what you can include to make the act of signing up for emails feel like an exciting reward for users.

Many people underestimate the importance of crafting their email opt-in, but choosing the right words, phrases, and tone is key to not only growing your database, but also making your database valuable. You want your email database to be filled with users who are active and engaged with you.

Now is the perfect time to take a look at your opt-in use. Are you making them as appealing or enticing as possible?

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