3 Promotion Ideas to Win with Hockey Playoffs

by Liz Huff Second Street

Hockey Quiz Bundle

Quizzes are a great way to engage a wide audience. Plus, if you create a hockey quiz bundle you can make this a multi-quiz campaign for an advertiser – providing longer exposure for their brand and more revenue for your media company.

Need some ideas for your hockey quiz bundle?

  • “Test Your Hockey Trivia IQ”
  • “Name This Famous Hockey Coach”
  • “Which (City Name) Player Are You Most Like?”


Hockey Sweepstakes

Capitalize on the excitement of playoff season, by running a sweepstakes and growing your (or your advertisers) email database. Prizes like tickets to upcoming games, sports gear, or electronics are all big hits with the hockey fan audience you want to target.


Fan Photo Contest

Playoff season is the ideal time to run a fan photo contest. Fans are ready to show their support and prove their dedication. Additionally, photo contests are great for driving engagement as users will share on social and encourage their friends and family to vote.


As playoff season approaches, make sure you’re ready to take advantage of the big opportunities you have when you combine hockey and digital promotions. Check out our article on pricing & packaging hockey promotions to get you on your way.

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