30in30: Ideas to Drive Revenue and Engagement in 2024

by Kristen Wehe Second Street

Need more ideas?

Our playbook 537 Ideas to Engage Your Audience is your ultimate planning guide and idea bank to both promotions and email. Utilize over 500 ideas to for your 2024 calendar.

Use National Sweepstakes

Our National Sweepstakes are a no brainer to add to your yearly calendar. Use them drive more revenue with multiple sponsorship opportunities and to increase your own email database. Not only are the National Sweepstakes free to run, but you can even customize the design to fit your look or sponsor AND add your own local prize. The opportunity is yours for the taking. Check out our 2024 National Sweepstakes Kit to learn more!

Enhance Current Initiatives

You’re already investing resources in your current initiatives, so why not use promotions to enhance those initiatives to generate even more revenue and database growth. These current initiatives could be in areas like Sports, Weather, Special Sections, Programming, Content Marketing, and more. Promotions tie into these initiative seamlessly to take them to the next level!

Big Money Opportunities

Big ideas, big advertisers, big results, big dollars – this is what we all want. Utilize some tried and true methods to bring in that big money. Annual or Recurring Campaigns are one way can help fill your advertiser funnel throughout the year. Check out our complete guide to recurring revenue for more info! And don’t forget the backbone of your promotional calendar – your Best Of Ballot. We have all of the tips and tricks for running your most successful ballot yet!

Lead Generating Campaigns

Lead Generating campaigns work for virtually any advertising category – and remember that leads can take many shapes – think hiring leads, donation leads, etc. These campaigns drive measurable results for your advertisers which means any business in your market will see success through these campaigns.

Audience Data

If you don’t already have an audience data strategy, now is the time to start! It is more important than ever to own and know your audience so you are sending the right information at the right time to maximize engagement. On top of that, this information is incredibly useful and valuable to your advertisers, so the key is to make sure you are continuously collecting data!

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