Score a Three-Pointer with These 3 Pro Basketball Promotions

by Liz Huff Second Street

Pro Basketball Playoff Pick’Em

One of the best ways to capitalize on fan passion is to run a pro basketball playoff pick’em. With the ability to sell a variety of different sponsorship levels, this can also be a big revenue driver for your media company.


Pro Basketball Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes during playoff months are always a big hit. To ensure lots of entries, get a great prize. Weekend getaways to big games, tickets to local games, and electronics will draw in a big audience. Include an email opt-in to ensure that you’re growing email databases for you and your advertisers.


Pro Basketball Quizzes

To feed off the basketball fan frenzy, quizzes can be created to target a wide audience. A quiz like “Pro Basketball Trivia” will challenge more diehard fans and encourage them to test their friends. Quizzes about basketball movies or guessing what type of basketball fan you are will hit a larger audience of diehard and fair weather fans alike. Plus, you can bundle a set of quizzes together to sell to one advertiser and secure a higher sponsorship investment.


Make sure you’re prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities surrounding the pro basketball playoff.

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