3 Trends to Drive More Revenue in 2020

by Liz Huff Second Street

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Key Takeaways

Turn one-off contests into recurring revenue campaigns.
Start by determining your top initiatives for your media company – maybe it’s your cutest baby contest or a grocery giveaway. Next, turn these into monthly contests running 9-12 months. Secure a single title sponsor for the entirety of the campaign. Not only is this a time saver for your sales team, but these drive significant sponsorship revenue big enough to matter to your whole company. Check out our complete guide to recurring revenue here for more info!

Rev up your ballot strategy!
Whether you’re running multiple ballots a year or have never dabbled in ballots, these are consistently big revenue drivers. Start with maximizing your citywide ballot following these steps to turning it into six-figure revenue. But don’t just stop with a citywide ballot. Reinforce your annual strategy with niche and advertiser ballots to tap into ballot benefits all year long.

Train your team on advertiser lead-gen campaigns.
It’s hard to grow your revenue if you’re bringing the same ideas back to the same advertisers time after time. In 2020, invest in training your team on how to create the perfect campaign for every advertiser in your market. When you understand what matters to an advertiser, you can create an impactful campaign to drive measurable results and leads. See how this photo contest turned into $250,000 for a local driveway company.

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