6 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Email Database

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Include opt-ins on all promotions

Most likely, your media company is already running promotions and selling deals. But just requesting an email address on these registration pages isn’t enough – you need to include an email opt-in. Including an opt-in lets you harness the excitement of promotions for future marketing and gives you explicit permission to contact users with upcoming newsletters and promotion announcements.


Develop an email strategy

Growing your email database isn’t just a one-time event – it should be a year-round strategy. Sweepstakes are the best way to grow an email database (plus they’re easy to set up and run!) Running multiple sweepstakes a month, you can build your database and, if you secure a sponsor, generate tons of revenue.

Segment your audience

To use your email wisely, you need to segment! By just collecting audience information such as location, age, and interests you can now start targeting your emails. Targeting drives relevancy – the idea of ending the right emails to the right people at the right time. Higher relevancy means a lower churn rate and less time you’ll spend trying to replace lost subscribers.


Target deeper with lead-generation questions.

Attaching two or three lead-gen questions to your promotions will allow you to target your emails even further based on consumer purchase intent, buying interest, or even for getting feedback for future content or programming. Plus, this is a great aspect to present to potential sponsors as it will help them identify hot leads.


Integrate with social

Marry your email marketing strategy with your social media strategy. Be sure to include email opt-ins and optional Facebook Like boxes on your entry forms as well. Leverage social media as a gateway to your email marketing program, and let them support one another. Social media buttons for your advertiser can be an additional aspect of your sponsorship package, too.


Cross-promote your email opt-ins

Your website is the go-to place for learning more about your media company. These visitors are ideal users to add to your database. Make sure you’re capitalizing on this user interest by having clear designated opt-in spots on your company website and on all your social media pages as well. The team at Lawrence Journal World even utilizes a variety of newsletter sign-ups for future targeted email opportunities.

Lawrence Journal World Email Preference Center

Email is still the most preferred way to communicate with businesses (by a whopping 72%!) It’s more important than ever for you to develop an email strategy and work at growing your valuable email database.

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