Top Dog Contest a Perfect Tie-in to March Basketball

by Mark Zimmer Zimmer Radio, Inc.

Case Study Highlights

  • $20,000 increase in monthly sales YOY for veterinarian
  • 200 photo entries submitted
  • 2,200+ people participated
  • $2,500 sponsorship revenue for station

The Idea

KIX 102.5 is a DMA 148 station based out of Joplin, MO. Near the Missouri border, our station is proud to serve our large community covering the Four States – Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

With the March basketball season approaching, we were on the lookout for a contest idea that would allow us to capitalize on the bracket frenzy and also reach a broad audience beyond just basketball fans. That’s how our Mutt Madness contest got started.

The Execution

Once we’d decided on our theme, we had to find the perfect advertiser. We knew a lot of businesses would be interested in participating – basketball promotions are a popular theme in March, and pet contests are popular any time of year.

Since this contest would be driving in animal lovers and pet owners in the area, we secured Cornerstone Animal Hospital, a local veterinarian, as our sponsor. The vet was looking for a way to grow their email list and identify potential new clients. We knew we could deliver on this with our contest.

Zimmer Mutt Madness Contest

We set up the contest as a ballot starting at the very end of February with a one-week open nomination period. Then we broke our ballot into five rounds: Scruffy 64, Half-Obedient 32, Snuggly 16, Alpha 8, and the Furry Four (we had a lot of fun with the names!)

Each week, our listeners would vote on the most recent set of pups to help narrow it down to the next round. Not only was it fun to come up with the names of the different rounds, but each round also allowed us another opportunity to market the contest to our listeners.

To market the contest, we leveraged on-air spots, emails, and website ads. Our sponsor, Cornerstone Animal Hospital, even had their own dedicated website page linking their clients to the contest.

zimmer mutt madness advertiser page

But the marketing tool that really shined was social media. Our station and our sponsor created Facebook Posts advertising each round of the contest which drew a lot of engagement from listeners.

Zimmer Mutt Madness Facebook Post

To achieve the goals of Cornerstone Animal Hospital. We started by including an email opt-in for them to grow their list. We also included a survey question asking who their current vet is and how often they visit their vet’s office – a great way to identify a potential future client.

Additionally, we included an email opt-in for our station’s email database – we consider every contest an opportunity to grow our email list and collect data.

The Results

The contest was a huge hit with our listeners. Over 200 photos were submitted, and nearly 2,000 people participated throughout the six weeks. Our station also considered this a win as we added hundreds of new subscribers to our own database and secured $2,500 in revenue.

Cornerstone Animal Hospital was very pleased with their results. The veterinarian added over 600 new subscribers, identified hot leads through survey questions, and their monthly sales were up nearly $20,000 year over year. This was definitely a fun way to capitalize on all the basketball excitement in March!

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