Sweepstakes Bundle Drives Recruitment Opportunities for Sponsor

by Matt Hummert Second Street

Case Study Highlights

  • 595 leads for employment opportunities
  • 3,000+ participants
  • 32 open positions filled during the campaign

The Idea

WQHK-FM partnered with the Allen County Sheriff Department to help the Sheriff Department promote a positive image within the community and grow their career/hiring list. The Sheriff Department wanted to engage with their community to explain that there is more to working in the Sheriff Department than being an officer.

The Execution

WQHK-FM decided to turn this into a recurring package so that the Sheriff Department remained top of mind with their audience and to provide them with ample opportunity to gather hiring leads. The WQHK-FM team sold them a total of 10 sweepstakes, each seasonally themed and promoting a great prize to optimally engage with their audience.

Within each sweepstakes, they added extra chances for anyone who completed the following for the Sheriff Department:

  • Liked them on Facebook
  • Followed them on Instagram
  • Visited their website
  • Opted in to receive information regarding employment opportunities

There was also a section included within both the Invite and Thank You emails sent for each sweepstakes that promoted the Sheriff Department and linked to a landing page that included access to all of their social media, their website, and open job postings within their department.

The Results

Through this contest bundle, WQHK-FM helped the Allen County Sheriff Department secure 595 hiring leads, 465 likes on Facebook, 305 Instagram follows, and over 460 website views on the Sheriff Department’s site. Due to all of the exposure and leads they received, the Sheriff Department filled 32 open positions. They stated that the work WQHK-FM did for them has single-handedly kept them afloat in the recruitment game!

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