Quiz Bundle Lands $10,000 from Local Zoo

by Kerri O'Connor Beasley Media Group

Case Study Highlights

  • $10,000 revenue
  • 2,200+ opt-ins for station
  • Educated audience on zoo knowledge

The Idea

WKLB-FM is DMA 7 station out of Boston, Massachusetts. Southwick’s Zoo is a local client that wanted to work with us through a digital campaign. They were looking to find local parents and provide them with information about the zoo. We thought a quiz would meet their ‘koalafications’ for engaging and educating their audience.

The Execution

Since the zoo wanted an opportunity to educate their audience about animals, we started with a single Test Your Zoo Animal Knowledge quiz. The zoo was so happy with the results from this single quiz, they immediately expanded it into a three-month promotion.


We turned the single quiz into a three-quiz package –one each month throughout the summer. The package for this summer digital campaign included a monthly custom quiz, social media posts, banners on our station website, and an opt-in for the advertisers’ email list.

WKLB Zoo Quiz Facebook post

And, to drive engagement, we gave away one family four-pack of tickets to the zoo to one quiz participant each month.

The Results

We sold this three-quiz bundle for a $10,000 sponsorship package! The quizzes were taken over 1,700 times and about 1,300 users entered the sweepstakes. We were able to grow our email database with 2,264 opt-ins across two station newsletters and secured nearly 1,000 opt-ins for the zoo.

The client loved the educational aspect of the quizzes. Not only were people entering to win the sweepstakes, but people were taking the quiz more than once to test their knowledge! They were so blown away with the results they renewed with us for the following summer with a similar package deal and three brand new quizzes.

WKLB-FM's zoo quiz bundle
We couldn’t have been more proud of the success of this campaign! We believe it shows a local client can have a large impact in the digital world just by incorporating some interactive digital measures.

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