4 Steps to Winter Revenue Success

by Julie Foley Second Street


Get Your Revenue Guide to Winter Promotions & Interactive Content. In this valuable handbook, you’ll find inspiration, case studies, and tips for crafting the perfect winter calendar and maximizing your revenue over these three months.


Develop Multi-Month Campaigns

A multi-month campaign like Athlete of the Month, birthday campaigns, or even a custom advertiser quiz bundle can be your key to driving revenue all summer long or even all year long. Not only does this drive measurable results for your sponsor for a longer period of time, but this can make things easier for your sales team as well.

Start Planning Now

Start the planning process at least three months out – this means you should be planning out December campaigns in September. This strategy leaves you with plenty of time to sell sponsorships and heavily market your initiatives for greater participation.

Ready to start planning? The webinar lays out three revenue plans to lead you to drive anywhere from $30,000 to over $90,000 this fall:

Target the Right Advertisers

Prepare your team with a list of top advertisers looking to reach their target audience during these winter months – this may be the start of a new, lasting advertiser partnership.

Use Turnkeys

Take advantage of the resources that are available to you. Running engagement campaigns and increasing revenue has never been easier than with our turnkey solutions. Click here to see the full list of available quizzes, photo contests, sweepstakes, & ballots.