Why Your Email Opt-In List Is So Valuable

by Emily Thousand Second Street

This list has a higher rate of conversion

People on your opt-in list who receive a promotional email are much more likely to subsequently vote in a ballot, enter a contest, take a quiz, or purchase a deal. Since everyone on that list wants to receive emails from you, they are more likely to take action when they get one.


It’s free!

You’re not paying for your email opt-in list – you’re growing it organically.


You are more likely to be seen as a trusted sender

Since people actively opted in to receive emails from you, they will trust your emails when they come. They want to hear from you, and they know your messages aren’t spam.

There’s a low churn rate

Since people who actively opt into your list know exactly why they’re receiving emails from you, they are less likely to opt out. This is important, because if too many people opt out of your mailings or mark your emails as spam, you can get blacklisted and your email deliverability rate will be negatively impacted.


You can monetize this list

Sell sponsorships for promotions or interactive content you run that you will be promoting to this list, like a Cutest Kids contest or a garage makeover contest! You can put a price on your valuable opt-in list as part of the sponsorship package, and since this list is organic and highly engaged, you can charge more for it.

The relationship between engagement campaigns and your email opt-in list is a virtuous circle:

When you grow your list organically, people are more engaged and more likely to participate in emails you send out. You can then use an email opt-in field on the registration form for these campaigns to further grow your list (check out these tips for crafting the perfect email opt-in). Once you have a bigger list, you can charge more for future promotions or interactive content that you will be promoting to this list.

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