3 Quiz Strategies TV Stations Should Adopt

by Liz Huff Second Street

Program-Specific Quizzes


You can easily create trivia quizzes for every major sport, but there are plenty of opportunities for personality quizzes as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t forget about high school sports or other sports that are popular in your market!

  • Which College Basketball Mascot Are You?
  • What Kind of Football Fan Are You?
  • What’s Your Golf Game Like?
  • Which Auto Racing Driver Are You?
  • Which Baseball Player Are You?


You can tie a quiz in with both network-specific and syndicated programming, as well as special broadcasts like awards shows. Here are a few ideas for personality quizzes. You can also create trivia quizzes for any of these – think Movie Awards Trivia or “How Well Do You Know Seinfeld?

  • Network Specific Programming:
    • Which Voice Judge Are You? (The Voice)
    • What Kind of Dancer Are You? or What Should Your Signature Move Be? (Dancing with the Stars)
    • Which Spice Are You? (The Taste)
  • Syndicated Programming:
    • Which Seinfeld Character Are You?
    • What Friends Character Are You?
    • Which TV High School Should You Attend?
  • Awards Shows:
    • Which Movie Theater Snack Are You?
    • Which Song Describes Your Life?


Holidays are the perfect opportunity for a seasonally relevant quiz. While you can run a trivia quiz around almost any holiday (Holiday Movie Quotes Trivia, American History Trivia, etc), you can also come up with a fun personality quiz.

  • What Should You Get Your Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?
  • Which TV Mom/Dad Are You?
  • Which Founding Father Are You?
  • Which Halloween Candy Are You?
  • Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?
  • Which Holiday Movie Are You?
  • Which TV Family Should You Spend the Holidays With?

Local Quizzes

Whether they’re personality or trivia, local quizzes that relate to your market are sure to be a hit with your audience.

  • Which State Fair Ride Are You?
  • How Well Do You Know Your Town?
  • Where Should You Eat for Dinner?

Station-Specific Quizzes

Just like program-specific quizzes tie in with your entertainment programming station-specific quizzes relate to your local programming.

  • What On-Air Personality Are You?
  • Test Your Local News Knowledge Trivia
  • Year in Review Trivia
  • Station History Trivia

Don’t feel confined to the ideas on this list – the most important thing with quizzes is to find a theme that will resonate with your specific audience.

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