How to Save Time and Drive Revenue with Turnkeys

by Julie Foley Second Street

Key Takeaways

What are Turnkeys?

Second Street has created a library of over 550 turnkey promotions including quizzes, sweepstakes, ballots, brackets, photo contests, and more. All of these contests are ready to run as-is to make your life easier. However, these contests are also 100% customizable if you’d like to tailor them to fit your or an advertiser’s brand.

Turnkeys for Every Season & Advertiser

How to Use Turnkeys to Sell More Efficiently

Start by using the turnkey list as inspiration for ideas to pitch to clients in your pipeline. If you know you want to target the home improvement industry, take a look at all the home improvement turnkeys to help your team brainstorm creative campaign ideas.

Create Spec Contests with Turnkeys

Then use the turnkeys to help create spec contests to give your clients and prospects a chance to interact with the promotion and understand the user’s experience. Quickly take a turnkey and customize it with the advertiser’s name as a way to help illustrate your sales pitch. Finally, be sure to incorporate an email opt-in and lead-generating questions to prove ROI.

Include Email Opt-In and Lead-Gen Questions

Top Turnkeys to Pitch Right Now

As we head into the start of summer, there are lots of turnkeys perfect for running over the next few months. We’ll dive into the top turnkey categories you need to focus on including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, COVID-19, and Summer Fun and Holidays.

Know the Advertisers to Target for Upcoming Holidays

Turn Turnkeys into Big Revenue

Use turnkeys to create big revenue opportunities for your company. Whether your sponsors are looking for qualified leads, email database growth, increased brand awareness, or consumer data, you can customize a turnkey to achieve their goal. When you deliver maximum ROI for sponsors, you can maximize their sponsorship investment as well.

Create Sponsorship Packages for Maximum Revenue


Beyond the turnkey library, if you’re trying to deliver real ROI for your sponsors, be sure to download The Seller’s Guide. It’s your one-stop shop for everything you need to create a contest to drive measurable results for your advertisers.

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