Sweeps Delivers 221 Leads, Huge ROI for Dentistry

by Karie Thornton Bristol Broadcasting

Case Study Highlights

  • 221 entrants request to be contacted regarding dentistry procedures
  • Promotion would be paid for if at least 5 of the 221 leads led to purchases
  • Drove 2,000+ entries with a 74% opt-in rate (1,440 opt-ins) for advertiser
  • Generated $5,000 in revenue
  • 360 new followers on Facebook for advertiser

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was a finalist for Best Advertiser Sweepstakes at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

The Idea

WPSD-TV is a DMA 83 television station in Paducah, Kentucky. The station regularly works with local advertisers to run promotions, such as quizzes and sweepstakes, to reach our advertiser’s goals.

One of our clients, Bohle Family Dentistry, wanted to run a promotion that would generate leads for new dental implant patients. Dental implants, however, lack the dazzle and universal appeal to engage a wide audience.

Our solution? A “Win A Whiter Smile” sweepstakes. We’d drive entrants to enter a sweepstakes with teeth whitening kits as prizes and deliver the advertiser leads requesting information about the dental implant process.

The Execution

The “Win A Whiter Smile” sweepstakes ran for a total of four weeks on our WPSD website and gave away two teeth whitening kits each week. We knew teeth whitening kits would generate excitement and drive participation within a large demographic, which was important because the more people who entered, the larger the opportunity for our advertiser to collect qualified leads!

We drove entrants to our website’s registration page by promoting heavily on WPSD Local 6 Today, in on-air commercials, through email blasts, and by posting on our Facebook Page.


We required an email address to enter so we could collect valuable consumer data, such as their postal code, gender, birthdate, and phone number, for future marketing campaigns.

Here, entrants had the opportunity to opt-in for emails from Bohle Family Dentistry and to like their Facebook Page.


Our strongest selling point, however, was the opportunity to include targeted survey questions in the entry form. From our initial meeting with the dentist office, we knew our primary goal was to deliver hot qualified leads to our advertiser for new dental implant patients. We optimized the entry form by asking well-designed survey questions such as “Have you lost teeth that you have not replaced?” and “Do you or your spouse wear a denture or partial?”

We even included the question, “Would you like Bohle Family Dental to contact you about dentures or implants?” Leads can’t get more qualified than that!


Finally, to ensure that the sweepstakes reached the widest possible audience, we utilized best practices and allowed entrants to earn more voting chances by posting this prepared Tweet:

The Results

It’s been months since the sweepstakes ended, and we’re still “smiling” from the results!

First, our station gained $5,000 in direct revenue.

Even better, we delivered enormous value to our advertiser. 221 entrants answered “Yes” to the question “Would you like someone from Bohle Family Dentistry to contact you?” If just five of these 221 leads turned into dental implant customers the promotion would be paid for, a huge ROI opportunity for the dentistry.

Additionally, the promotion drove more than 2,000 entries with a 74% opt-in rate for Bohle Family Dentistry – that’s 1,440 emails! Paired with the valuable consumer data generated through targeted questions, the dentistry has all the tools necessary for their future marketing efforts.


Throughout the life of the campaign, the dentistry also gained 360 new Facebook followers – This will make their future posts that much more effective.

A simple sweepstakes drove all these results. How’d we pull it off? By asking our advertiser what their goals were and designing a sweepstakes that worked to meet those goals.

WPSD-TV’s Win a Whiter Smile Sweepstakes was a finalist for the Best Advertiser Sweepstakes at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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