Seller’s Guide: Solutions for Top Advertisers

by Liz Huff Second Street

As a media executive, you know that advertisers are always looking for ways to get the best results from their marketing dollars. These results might include gathering consumer information, growing their email database, and generating sales leads.

In this download, we’ve laid out an action plan to walk you through the specifics of selling promotions and interactive content to more than 30 different advertiser categories including automotive dealers, travel services, and healthcare facilities.

We’ve designed this to be the salesperson’s essential guide to being prepared for your next sales meeting. Each chapter will include five fundamental parts:

  • Needs Analysis Questions: Questions designed to find out that advertiser’s specific goals
  • Promotion Ideas: List of promotions to set your advertiser up for success and satisfy their goals that you discovered in the needs analysis conversation
  • Prize Ideas: Collection of great prize ideas to highlight the advertiser’s products and services
  • Survey Questions: Variety of survey questions to provide qualified leads and collect consumer profile data for future marketing campaigns
  • Email Opt-Ins: Set of sample opt-ins carefully crafted to drive high opt-in rates and grow their email database

The Seller’s Guide is all you need to succeed at your next sales opportunity. Download it now.

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