Score With Football Quizzes

by Liz Huff Second Street

Quiz Question Bank

  • Which team has more wins in this matchup?
  • How many more wins does our team have over the rival?
  • Which team won the last matchup between these teams?
  • What year was the first matchup between these teams played?
  • What is the name of this rivalry matchup?
  • The winner of this matchup receives this trophy…
  • Which team has more players in the NFL currently?
  • Which team has more conference championships?
  • Which coach had the best winning percentage against rival team?
  • Which team has more passing yards per game?
  • Which team has more rushing yards per game?
  • Which team has more total yards per game?
  • Which team has fewer penalty yards per game?
  • Which team has the better turnover ratio this season?

Quiz Outcomes

8-10 correct – You are a super fan. You love football and live for the weekend!
5-7 correct – You are a fan, but you are spending a little more time at the tailgate than in the stands.
3-4 correct – You know the basics, but there is plenty of room to brush up on your knowledge of this glorious game.
0-2 correct – Yikes! You have a lot of studying to do here!

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